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No 757 Hit the Penatgon on 911

The first picture shows a "mid burn" photo. If the plane, or even just the wings had "evaporated" or somehow burned up, then, they would be visible here. Surely these massive wings would not burn in a few seconds.
Also keep in mind the placement of this generator, which is over 10ft tall.

pentagon damage 911

Shortly, but still very soon after the crash, this photo was taken.
There are no wings, no large parts of the fuselage, no plane parts at all !!!
Notice the grass a few feet in front of the pentagon wall, with very little debris.

Also in the picture above, the damage to the right of the impact hole is only at the bottom floor.
The right wing would have had to clear the generator, meaning it would have struck the second or even third floor, but that is not where the damage is.
The columns behind and to the right of the cable reels are broken, but at the bottom, and surely not enough for a wing of a 757 to fit through.

This is the left side of the impact area. The grass is green a few feet in front of the wall.
Again, no large parts of a fuselage, or even small parts of a plane at all.

pentagon no plane

Closeup of the above photo.
pentagon no plane 911
The on rectangular piece of debris to the far left of the picture, has been identified as a contractors trailer.
The rectangular box just above the yellow fire hydrant (still yellow and unburned) is a metal box containing gas bottles.
(I have close-ups of these in other pictures upon request)
If the wings burned up, this would have been the location of the left wing.
Also above, to the right and just above the fire hydrant, are some branches left from a tree which was located here.
( a metal 757 vaporized into thin air, but a wooden tree survived)

It is VERY apparent here that the plane (or lack there of) did not strike the lawn.

pentagon no plane 20010911

The yellow arrow points to a piece of debris i have on this page....
Which does not appear to be part of a 757.

Here is a picture with an SUV just a few feet from where the wing should have vaporized.
The SUV seems unscathed.

pentagon 911


Now to the right side of the impact area.

pentagon 9/11

Here is a closeup.
No plane parts. The cable reels about 20-30 feet from the wall of the Pentagon here not damaged at all.
Its important to note the "belly" of the plane is about 15 feet LOWER than the wings.
The largest of the cable reels stand over 6 feet tall.
For the "belly" of the plane to clear the cable reels,
the whole fuselage would have had to hit between the second and third floors.
This leaves the top of the tail section hitting the TOP of the FOURTH floor !
no damage was done above the SECOND floor shown in the photos taken before the collapse !

pentagon hole damage

Notice, no damage to the area above this 18ft hole. This is where the tail should have hit.

pentagon hole 911

Though the angle shown here is different than the accepted trajectory,
this photo gives perspective to the size of the plane against the building.

pentagon hole 9/11

From Purdue...
Since we know that the "plane" hit higher than this (it did not scrape the ground as shown above)
and the right wing also had to clear the generator, this picture is not accurate.
BUT, it does show the long fuselage ready to hit BETWEEN the first and second floors.
If we take this to be true, this long fuselage, would have had a lot of resistance hitting the continuous concrete floor, not just going through a wall. Yet the
Purdue sim does not take this into consideration.

sozen.pentagon Purdue

The yellow lines show the seperation between the columns at about 10ft apart.

The "wing root " is the strongest part of the plane. This is where the wing attaches to the fuselage.
The wing roots would have impacted the wall of the building on either side of this hole.
There is no damage shown here. (green arrows)
This picture also shows the clearance of the cable reels, and the height of the generator. (~10ft)
The "plane" was supposedly hugging the ground, knocking over lamp poles, therefore, it could NOT have dove into the Pentagon, so on a level path, the right wing should clearly have hit the second or third floor, not the bottom of the first floor where most of the damage was done.


After hitting so much resistance as the re-enforced wall of the pentagon, and continuous concrete floor, where is the backlash? The planes which hit the WTC both had a large back-blow of debris.
There is virtually NO debris on the lawn from the Pentagon crash.

wtc-Impact 911 Impact911 attack

THEY said the reason why there were no aircraft parts outside the Pentagon, was becuase the airplane dissappeared INTO the Pentagon. Somehow I find this hard to believe, we were also told the the Pentagon's walls were re-enforced, much more so than the WTC. If that were true, then there should be MORE debris which had bounced back onto the Pentagon lawn.

Extreme closeups of the pentagon wall, debris on the lawn,
diferent angles, the generator and the burned tree...

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